Big Heart collection

The Firma - Big Heart collection, designed by Sanja Grcic and photographed by Matjaz Tancic is inspired by Amelia Erhart, Hannah Arendt and Susan Sontag. Designed with thoughts about sports days and evening parties in working shoes. With the sound of saxophone on the streets of New York.

Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - flying bag
Big Heart 1



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - purble ball
Big Heart 2



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - yellow roller
Big Heart 3



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - dark stars
Big Heart 4



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - flashing
Big Heart 5



The Big Heart woman wakes up at seven in the morning, makes her breakfast and takes her children to kindergarten. On the job she's annoyed by her boss or she gets on other people's nerves. She is never completely satisfied. She occupies Wall Street with a bucket of hydrangeas and in she changes into the lady in black in the evening.
The Big Heart woman is not afraid of stepping out of the crowd.

More about the series and additional photographs on the photographer's blog.