Rocking it in 3D

Siddharta Stozice concert cover 3d photo

We're happy to announce Siddharta's new DVD, which has heaps of 3D photography throughout the album booklet, where FFM was involved as a consultant for the 3D imagery. 


The full set contains two DVDs, a book featuring extensive 3D photography from the gig (in red-blue anaglyph), along with video footage and other treats.


The epic-ness of some of the key moments from the gig was very successfully captured with the 3D photography and feel, energy and sheer size of the gig springs at you from the pages.


The project was brought to life by the Place3D team and the video (in 3D, of course) of the gig shows a play-by-play of the gig with all its dancers, fireworks and the band.