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A quick teaser for a series of upcoming cinemagraphs from China and more cinemagraphs from China:

Peekaboo from District 798 in Beijing, China

Appliance cinemagraphs

Working closely with Parsek and photographer Matjaz Tancic, Funnyfarm Media has produced a series of cinemagraphs for a design-orientated range of kitchen appliances called Gorenje One. The cinemagraphs are used widely across the website as introductions to individual appliance types, focusing on their key feature.

Some of the images below:

Burning cinemagraph for One

Kitchen hood cinemagraph for One

See the rest over at Gorenje One.

Spinning models

As part of a larger project for a white goods manufacturer, FFM was also asked to prepare an interactive view of models of several household appliances for a website. We rose to the occasion, of course, providing state-of-the-art CGIs (3D computer renderings) of the appliances, and setting up a framework to easily implement into the actual website.

The resulting reels show a freely spinning model of the various appliances. At some point it was decided to limit the view to the fronts of the appliances, as the backs were deemed to be too boring. But who looks at the backs of dishwashers anyway..

Two of the spinners:

See all of them over at Gorenje One.

Boxing cinemagraphs for KNCKT

As one of the final stages in the KNCKT project, FFM has produced a family of boxing cinemagraphs, made as excerpts from the main video footage. They focus on a few key shots in the boxer's regular training, adding that touch of mystique that these moving photographs tend to do. See the video and read up more about the whole project at the KNCKT website, or enjoy the cinemagraphs right here.

What is it that we do, exactly?

This has been long overdue, but we've finally updated the Services section of our website. This now covers the actual work Funnyfarm Media does, the extent of our possible involvement and it even comes complete with relevant galleries!

Funnyfarm Media in New York

Funnyfarm Media now in New York City

Change is afoot and we are pleased to announce that Funnyfarm Media is now also present in New York City, USA!

The lure of the Big Apple has been too strong to resist and we can't wait to see what exciting new things we'll get up to now. And of course, the London and Shanghai outposts are carrying on as before.

For letters of congratulations, fan-mail and queries see our contact page.

Jungle Queen - Full editorial

A promise is a promise. So by vote of popular demand. We can now show you the full editorial shot by one of our top photographers.

Just to refresh your mind. The Queen was shot in the middle of Mexican jungle. Right next to the mysterious Mayan pyramids, crawling with huge spiders and hidden snakes, jungle so thick the sun barley penetrates the ground. And just to top that, we were also dangerously close to the ocean. The ocean full of one-eyed Pirates and Mermaids and...

Ok, ok so it might not have been all that mystical and dangerous. But somehow admitting that the only real danger were swarms of mosquitos just dosen t have the right ring to it.

Make sure you click on to see the full story and enjoy.

Animated partner portaits

They've been like this for a while, but have you seen the subtly animated cinemagraph portraits of FFM's partners?




A responsive website for town planning office

FFM has created this responsive website for NT&A, a town planning office in the Southwark borough of London. The website features an adaptive core, which ensures the same website is displayed perfectly, regardless of device and screen size.

The content is a compact mix of essential elements and an extended portfolio to showcase the office's past work. 

NT&A responsive website by Funnyfarm Media

Alternative banking Facebook page

The FFM team was involved with the development of this Facebook page for an alternative banking service, which is geared towards people instead of banks. They make transferring money across Europe easier (and considerably less expensive) than through more conventional channel.

In additional to a warm welcome, the page contains a live calculator, which uses current exchange rates to display actual transfer costs and potential savings, all in real time.

The page comes as part of a broader campaign and FFM was involved in a consulting role from the strategic planning stage and oversaw the project through to final implementation and subsequent performance monitoring and review. Check out the page itself


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