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Snowing in London

As London has seen a wonderful winter and even the occasional snowfall, we've decided to make a cinemagraph tribute to this charming and almost unusual occurrence:

Snowing in London cinemagraph

Snowing in London

Digital creativity aka PressPausePlay

We came across this documentary on the web. And we think it is definitely worth 80 minutes of your precious time.

Everybody agrees that digital age has brought the arts of music, photography, film, etc. to the masses, and has given unlimited opportunity to all of us to become an artist in one way or another. But not many people have given much thought into how this would affect the industry, the professionals and ultimately each and every one of us around the globe.

This brilliant documentary tries to give a clearer picture on what has happened and still is going on in the new internet/digital era. Game-changing to say the very least.


KNCKT - The Movie

The time has finally arrived and we can proudly show you the full movie, along with the trailer and making-of that we've been working on hard for some time now. The journey was long. Sometimes it lead us up other times down. All in all it was a very positive experience and we learned so much.

Our next project is already in the workings and we can promise you right now you won't be disappointed. But for now, drop what you are doing, find a comfortable chair and take a minute or two for yourself. We would also like to thank to all the people involved and to all the ones who supported us from the beginning till the end.

Click on the image below to visit the microsite with all the films and bonus bits.

Microsite for a radio web app

FFM was asked to produce a sleek microsite for a breakthrough web app, which would showcase it's unique features in a concise and effective way, while keeping the existing feel through the use of dedicated colours and choice of typography.

The resulting microsite and related Facebook welcome page distilled the brand identity into a few key components, which were carefully arranged into an effective and compact design, which shows the key features, with the option to expand on certain topics, if required.


Current status: awaiting implementation

KNCKT - private view

A private view of the short film KNCKT was put together in Shoreditch's favourite pub in London recently. It was attended by a selection of guests, the Funnyfarm Media team, and the stars of the film - boxers Carlos Moreno and Cedric Rouveyrol.

See some snaps from the event below, and visit the KNCKT page for the film and some goodies.

Murmors from Mexico

We received this photo straight from our latest editorial set. Here's what we can tell you right now. A creative team in Mexico under direction of our photography maestro is working on a new fashion editorial.

Which magazine is involved will have to stay a mystery for now. Let's just say they were working in hard conditions such as but not excluded to. Extremely sunny weather, company of two beautiful models, talented designer and creative make-up artist. There were some horses and donkeys involved to.

We also heard talk of assistants having to assist under lush green palm trees and serving cold fresh cervesas. To top it all off we also had somebody there to video all that horrifying moments. It all sounds tremendously difficult and painstaking to endure. But our team is not to be scared off easily.

We do however have an unexplainable puzzle. Nobody seems to know why the photographer Andraz Blaznik insisted on wearing bunny ears through out the shoot. We just assumed he lost a bet of some sorts and left it at that. Nonetheless we are happy to report the results look amazing. Stay tuned for more.

Big Heart collection

The Firma - Big Heart collection, designed by Sanja Grcic and photographed by Matjaz Tancic is inspired by Amelia Erhart, Hannah Arendt and Susan Sontag. Designed with thoughts about sports days and evening parties in working shoes. With the sound of saxophone on the streets of New York.

Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - flying bag
Big Heart 1



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - purble ball
Big Heart 2



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - yellow roller
Big Heart 3



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - dark stars
Big Heart 4



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - flashing
Big Heart 5



The Big Heart woman wakes up at seven in the morning, makes her breakfast and takes her children to kindergarten. On the job she's annoyed by her boss or she gets on other people's nerves. She is never completely satisfied. She occupies Wall Street with a bucket of hydrangeas and in she changes into the lady in black in the evening.
The Big Heart woman is not afraid of stepping out of the crowd.

More about the series and additional photographs on the photographer's blog.

Jungle Queen

Once in a blue moon we allow (as if) our photographers to go out on their own and have some fun. No business,  no deadlines, no art directors and most importantly no restrictions. And we are always amazed at what they bring back to show us. This time our photographer Andraz Blaznik surprised us with a bit of warmth and freshness from under the Caribbean sun. Deep in the jungle there is still some beauty to be found. Have a little taste and if you like it we will ask him to show us some more.

Rocking it in 3D

Siddharta Stozice concert cover 3d photo

We're happy to announce Siddharta's new DVD, which has heaps of 3D photography throughout the album booklet, where FFM was involved as a consultant for the 3D imagery...

Jazz in motion

Continuing with the series of cinemagraphs with photographer Matjaz Tancic, these two little gems were produced while doing a portrait of Igor Matković, the jazz trumpeter.

Jazz trumpeter cinemagraph - photographer Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media production
Trumpeter portrait

Jazz trumpeter cinemagraph 2 - photographer Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media production
Trumpeter profile


(We just hope his fingers won't get too tired from doing that all day long.. )


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