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Winter Wonderland cinemagraphs

There's an xmas fair in London called Winter Wonderland. Lots of shiny lights, exciting rides, mulled wine and smiling faces.. What better place to experiment a bit with cinemagraphs...

(Note: they are quite large and CPU-hungry, so click on an image to see them on their own if they seem slow or choppy)

Carousel - Wonderland cinemagraph
At the end it all becomes a blur..



Cars - Wonderland cinemagraph
Speeding past like there's no tomorrow...



Gambe - Wonderland cinemagraph
No matter how glittery, I suppose it gets dull after a few days...



Candy - Wonderland cinemagraph
The only way is up...



Kot za stavo - Wonderland cinemagraph
Like a cavalry charge, but a bit more repetative...



Moulin - Wonderland cinemagraph
Going around in slanted circles...



Lights - Wonderland cinemagraph
Let me paint you a picture...




Eye - Wonderland cinemagraph
All the way around.. But oh-so-slowly...




KNCKT - The story begins…

Early in 2011 we were presented with a challenge of creating a short film about boxing. We approached the story through the eyes of a boxer, training and mentally preparing himself for his next match. But we didn’t want to leave it just at that. That’s why we also prepared a dedicated website showcasing everything form the full movie, behind the scenes, background story and some more surprises.
Click on the photo below to enjoy the site and watch the trailer for a start. Full movie and behind the scenes to follow soon.

KNCKT it has to be 100% or 0%

A photographer's Facebook page

A Facebook welcome page was put together by FFM for photographer Matjaz Tancic. Since a groundbraking project has been underway for some time now (it will change the world, at the very least), a simple & lightweight welcome page was required until then:

a photographer's facebook product page

The page takes its visual language from the photographer's main website, while introducing a ribbony arrow element to subtly suggest becoming a devotee. Once the page has been liked, a few elements on it become active, such as more photos in a groovy lightbox (including one of the Summertime cinemagraphs), current bits from the blog, etc.
And a slick new address -

Go on, go take a peek.

Behind the digital curtain

Half of the fun of creating the works we do here is behind the scenes - either meeting some incredible people, chatting with models, or pushing pixels around.. Especially wIth the latter, a lot of work is put into making it look like not a lot of work was put into it. And the mundanest of things take some special acrobatics to put together, and all the excitement is washed away once it's printed or sent off..

Which is why the next snapshots are all the more precious:

curtain - dolly

curtain - stairs

curtain - gig

curtains - swooshies

At the end of the day it's all just pixels...

Slovenie Verte - the details

3D conversions, part 3

Unexpected Journey

An massive hattip to Peter Jackson and the Hobbit team for going about making a film with such dedication and attention to detail! Loving the 5k image size, to say nothing of the 3d and the rigs!

Looking forward to the cinema screening... 


Me&My Doll

Summertime cinemagraphs

A series of cinemagraphs were made during a fashion editorial shoot for Goodlife magazine on the dried bed of a vanishing lake by Matjaz Tancic - read the whole story and team listing over on his blog. But before that check out the cinemagraphs by FFM below:

Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 1
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 2
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 3
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 4
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
Summertime cinemagraph 5


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