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A website for a makeup artist

Funnyfarm has produced this website for Barbara Mensah, a Makeup artist from London. The website features a short intro video, references and collaborations from the past , but most importantly, several galleries of her work. These span editorial, fashion as well as beauty photography and there is a whole category devoted to various video she has been involved with.

The initial design was set up by Kenny Osinnowo, and then taken further by FFM.

3D conversions, part 2

Mimicry cinemagraphs

While Matjaz Tancic has been breaking boundaries in photography (again), by shooting the Mimicry series of 3D photographs in China, a neat little spinoff happened via Funnyfarm Media - cinemagraphs. Or animated photos. Or really short video clips, if you prefer. A teaser preview for now, more coming at a later date:

Mimicry cinemagraph - Lantern

Windows within windows...

... within a Mac.

Anybody else getting an Inception feeling about this? But in any case, the first Funnyfarm Media iPad app is well and truly under way!

Double lives of HTML email

As I was just finishing up some HTML email invitations for a client, it made me think about the double lives that these creatures live. A HTML email being essentially a microsite, containing its own HTML code, declarations, styling, and then imagery - being embedded, hosted remotely, or otherwise. Quite a world away from the plain-text regular emails that get sent around daily.


Potter starring

harry potter film star-studded poster

This recent star-studded advert for the recent Harry Potter film advert caught my eye.. If you'll pardon the appalling middle-of-the-night-webcam-style photography, you will find that there isn't much of this advert that isn't dedicated to showing how many stars the film got in various journals.
Fair enough, these self-referential "quotes" have very much become a standard element of any film, play or music album artwork, but this is surely taking it over the top?



Just loving this megamercial.. The shots, the comedy and the flying gorillas. :)


NULA custom Facebook welcome page

Radio NULA logo

We've done this cute little custom Facebook welcome page for Radio NULA.

In addition to the (almost) subtle Like us button that only appears those that aren't fans yet, what really sets it apart from the rest is the embedded radio player that starts streaming their great tunes at the click of a button. Right there in Facebook. Pretty nifty, eh?

And a little peek into what a difference a tweak like this can do to a Facebook page's usage: 
The red line marks when the tweak was installed, and the others show various usages of the page.

(But be warned, their music is quite addictive.) 

Hit by a ball

A bit of backstage shenenigans:

A bit of movie magic at work while trying to get the settings just right (and unwanted shadows out of the way). The real thing coming soon!

3D conversions, part 1


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