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Pimp My Banana


Some pretty spectacular work-in-progress. More layers than even Photoshop can handle.

This is...

no smoking

It might be a non smoking area but that doesn't mean we can t have some creative stuff flying around anyway. We ll be updating this page with what we think is worth a second look in the digital world. You will also find updates on new and exciting Funnyfarm Media projects.

So everybody welcome. Don t be shy join in.


Adverts according to gender

wellman drinks

Quite interesting...
Same drink (the Vitabiotics wellman / wellwoman drinks, as seen recently on the London Underground), two approaches to advertising.. I love how the boys' version promotes HIGH PERFORMANCE, has a range of techy-sounding additives listed on top, stresses health & vitality and is just for men, whereas the girls' one stresses pomegranate, cranberries and low calories (twice, mind you).

To say nothing of the blue/pink colour scheme.


The Funnyfarm Media Blog

Funnyfarm Media Blog

Introducing the Funnyfarm Media blog.

We'll be showcasing some of the work we have done, either  web, photography or film, as well as offering exclusive behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress peeks into things that are just taking shape, as well as giving out hat-tips to people and projects we come across that really deserve it, along with the occasional curiosity.

Stay tuned!


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