Funnyfarm Media is led by its three founding partners and utilizes an adaptable network of freelancers, artists and copywriters, depending on project scale and location. While incorporating a largely horizontal organizational structure, each of the partners is in charge of their segment, ensuring flawless execution.


Fabrizio Pizzioli

Fabrizio Pizzioli - videography LinkedIn profile

Fabrizio is a Shanghai-based, Italian-born filmmaker with a strong background in psychology, cultural studies and anthropology. Fabrizio marries filmmaking with an in-depth understanding of human issues and is focused on exploring different facets of society and converting them to film. In his spare time, Fabrizio continues to write scientific papers about development, society, human studies and neuroscience, while collaborating with universities around the world.


Andraz Blaznik

Andraz Blaznik - photography LinkedIn profile

Andraz is in charge of our impeccable photography projects. Born and raised in a boutique European country, he discovered early on that looking at premium photography gives him an unnerving rattling sensation in his tinkle. (A technical term, that.) He’s been on a quest to bring the world the very best in photo imaging ever since.


Benjamin Rancic

Benjamin Rancic - interactive LinkedIn profile

Ben is a digital designer that feels weird talking about himself in the third person. He is passionate about all things digital and gets a buzz from crafting pixels & shaping code, while feeding from a staggeringly diverse set of experience ranging from architecture through photo manipulation to the latest in social media.



We are always keen to hear from new talent. If you are interested in joining our collective, please contact your local Funnyfarm Media office with a cover letter stating the role you are applying for and a representative portfolio of your work.