3D photography conversions for NMCH

We were contacted by the National Museum of Contemporary History to help create a unique exhibition they were preparing for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II at their Cekin mansion.

In their vast photography archives they have, amongst a great many other, a huge number of archival photographs taken on the actual day the war ended. They mostly show the triumphant soldiers arriving in towns and happy residents coming out to greet them. A few of those images were handpicked as particularly interesting and we brought them to life by converting them into 3D.

The task was a technical challenge, and there was a tight turnaround time, but seeing the final prints on the gallery walls made it all worthwhile. It was heartwarming to seeing the visitors' reactions. Some of them were WWII veterans, and were actually there on the day so many years ago, and shared some of their stories at the exhibition opening.

After working closely with the Ursa Valic from the museum to select the most suitable images, the work on the 3D conversions began. Working versions were sent back and forth for feedback and comments during the process, and after being satisfied with the test prints, the final images were printed by a specialist printer. Due to the space and lighting available for the exhibition, as well as budgetary constraints, we opted for conventionally printed anaglyph images and red/blue glasses.  

In the end, the opening was a great success and the exhibition was very warmly received. A few photos from the exhibition below, along with two of the final 3D conversions.

All images © 2015 The National Museum of Contemporary History / © 2015 Muzej novejse zgodovine Slovenije

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