Welcome to a selection of cinemagraphs from our blog. Or moving photos. Or Harrypotteresque portraits. Or glorified GIFs. One of those.

There are a few to feast your eyes upon below, and some of them come with a backstory. And if that isn't enough, you can check out the rest of our blog.


Lumiere London cinemagraphs

We've done a few cinemagraphs while enjoying London's first light festival called Lumiere. There were a lot of great installations set up and our favourites are below:

Ai Weiwei Cycle cinemagraph

While photographer Matjaz Tancic has recently been doing a series of photographs of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei / 艾未未, in addition to his 3D images, this cinemagraph was recorded and we're excited about having brought it to life:

China Cinemagraphs - part 2

BUGSY pole dancing cinemagraphs

A series of cinemagraphs was put together for our upcoming BUGSY project about a pole dancer:

BUGSY pole dancing Spreadeagle cinemagraph

BUGSY pole dancing Vrtavka cinemagraph

BUGSY pole dancing Ghostie cinemagraph

China Cinemagraphs - part 1

As heralded in the Pekaboo blog post here, the Funnyfarm Media team has been touring Beijing and Shanghai in China, and made some pretty amazing cinemagraphs along the way. Enjoy!

It's a GIFt

Oxford Street in London has kitted itself out for the Xmas period, ready for shoppers to find gifts for their loved ones.. And in the same spirit, here is a GIFt for all the readers of this blog :)

It's a GIFt


A quick teaser for a series of upcoming cinemagraphs from China and more cinemagraphs from China:

Peekaboo from District 798 in Beijing, China

Appliance cinemagraphs

Working closely with Parsek and photographer Matjaz Tancic, Funnyfarm Media has produced a series of cinemagraphs for a design-orientated range of kitchen appliances called Gorenje One. The cinemagraphs are used widely across the website as introductions to individual appliance types, focusing on their key feature.

Some of the images below:

Burning cinemagraph for One

Kitchen hood cinemagraph for One

See the rest over at Gorenje One.

Boxing cinemagraphs for KNCKT

As one of the final stages in the KNCKT project, FFM has produced a family of boxing cinemagraphs, made as excerpts from the main video footage. They focus on a few key shots in the boxer's regular training, adding that touch of mystique that these moving photographs tend to do. See the video and read up more about the whole project at the KNCKT website, or enjoy the cinemagraphs right here.

Animated partner portaits

They've been like this for a while, but have you seen the subtly animated cinemagraph portraits of FFM's partners?





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