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There are a few to feast your eyes upon below, and some of them come with a backstory. And if that isn't enough, you can check out the rest of our blog.


Snowing in London

As London has seen a wonderful winter and even the occasional snowfall, we've decided to make a cinemagraph tribute to this charming and almost unusual occurrence:

Snowing in London cinemagraph

Snowing in London

Big Heart collection

The Firma - Big Heart collection, designed by Sanja Grcic and photographed by Matjaz Tancic is inspired by Amelia Erhart, Hannah Arendt and Susan Sontag. Designed with thoughts about sports days and evening parties in working shoes. With the sound of saxophone on the streets of New York.

Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - flying bag
Big Heart 1



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - purble ball
Big Heart 2



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - yellow roller
Big Heart 3



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - dark stars
Big Heart 4



Firma - Big Heart cinemagraph - flashing
Big Heart 5



The Big Heart woman wakes up at seven in the morning, makes her breakfast and takes her children to kindergarten. On the job she's annoyed by her boss or she gets on other people's nerves. She is never completely satisfied. She occupies Wall Street with a bucket of hydrangeas and in she changes into the lady in black in the evening.
The Big Heart woman is not afraid of stepping out of the crowd.

More about the series and additional photographs on the photographer's blog.

Jazz in motion

Continuing with the series of cinemagraphs with photographer Matjaz Tancic, these two little gems were produced while doing a portrait of Igor Matković, the jazz trumpeter.

Jazz trumpeter cinemagraph - photographer Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media production
Trumpeter portrait

Jazz trumpeter cinemagraph 2 - photographer Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media production
Trumpeter profile


(We just hope his fingers won't get too tired from doing that all day long.. )

Winter Wonderland cinemagraphs

There's an xmas fair in London called Winter Wonderland. Lots of shiny lights, exciting rides, mulled wine and smiling faces.. What better place to experiment a bit with cinemagraphs...

(Note: they are quite large and CPU-hungry, so click on an image to see them on their own if they seem slow or choppy)

Carousel - Wonderland cinemagraph
At the end it all becomes a blur..



Cars - Wonderland cinemagraph
Speeding past like there's no tomorrow...



Gambe - Wonderland cinemagraph
No matter how glittery, I suppose it gets dull after a few days...



Candy - Wonderland cinemagraph
The only way is up...



Kot za stavo - Wonderland cinemagraph
Like a cavalry charge, but a bit more repetative...



Moulin - Wonderland cinemagraph
Going around in slanted circles...



Lights - Wonderland cinemagraph
Let me paint you a picture...




Eye - Wonderland cinemagraph
All the way around.. But oh-so-slowly...




Summertime cinemagraphs

A series of cinemagraphs were made during a fashion editorial shoot for Goodlife magazine on the dried bed of a vanishing lake by Matjaz Tancic - read the whole story and team listing over on his blog. But before that check out the cinemagraphs by FFM below:

Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 1
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 2
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 3
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
 Summertime cinemagraph 4
Summertime cinemagraph - Matjaz Tancic - Funnyfarm Media
Summertime cinemagraph 5

Mimicry cinemagraphs

While Matjaz Tancic has been breaking boundaries in photography (again), by shooting the Mimicry series of 3D photographs in China, a neat little spinoff happened via Funnyfarm Media - cinemagraphs. Or animated photos. Or really short video clips, if you prefer. A teaser preview for now, more coming at a later date:

Mimicry cinemagraph - Lantern


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