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We came across this documentary on the web. And we think it is definitely worth 80 minutes of your precious time.

Everybody agrees that digital age has brought the arts of music, photography, film, etc. to the masses, and has given unlimited opportunity to all of us to become an artist in one way or another. But not many people have given much thought into how this would affect the industry, the professionals and ultimately each and every one of us around the globe.

This brilliant documentary tries to give a clearer picture on what has happened and still is going on in the new internet/digital era. Game-changing to say the very least.



Unexpected Journey

An massive hattip to Peter Jackson and the Hobbit team for going about making a film with such dedication and attention to detail! Loving the 5k image size, to say nothing of the 3d and the rigs!

Looking forward to the cinema screening... 



Just loving this megamercial.. The shots, the comedy and the flying gorillas. :)


The Funnyfarm Media Blog

Funnyfarm Media Blog

Introducing the Funnyfarm Media blog.

We'll be showcasing some of the work we have done, either  web, photography or film, as well as offering exclusive behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress peeks into things that are just taking shape, as well as giving out hat-tips to people and projects we come across that really deserve it, along with the occasional curiosity.

Stay tuned!

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