Bugsy - new video

We've now launched Bugsy, the next in our series of sportspeople portraits. We started off with KNCKT a while back, which was about relentless commitment to boxing. And this time around, Bugsy is very much about movement, music and dance, as we watch Bugsy Monroe show off her moves on the pole.

Visit the Bugsy microsite to find out more, see the short film, a making-of and more.

Bugsy microsite

Bugsy private view

We organised a private view recently for our new video, Bugsy. To keep with tradition (or to hopefully start one), we even did it at the same Shoreditch venue as we did for the KNCKT's private view.

A lot of people dropped in to see the premiere, and we were lucky enough to get both Bugsy Monroe, the eponymous dancer who stars the new video, and Stereo Mike who made the excellent music track for it.

See a couple of photos from the night below, and visit the Bugsy microsite for the short film itself, making-of footage and more.

BUGSY pole dancing cinemagraphs

A series of cinemagraphs was put together for our upcoming BUGSY project about a pole dancer:

BUGSY pole dancing Spreadeagle cinemagraph

BUGSY pole dancing Vrtavka cinemagraph

BUGSY pole dancing Ghostie cinemagraph

KNCKT - The Movie

The time has finally arrived and we can proudly show you the full movie, along with the trailer and making-of that we've been working on hard for some time now. The journey was long. Sometimes it lead us up other times down. All in all it was a very positive experience and we learned so much.

Our next project is already in the workings and we can promise you right now you won't be disappointed. But for now, drop what you are doing, find a comfortable chair and take a minute or two for yourself. We would also like to thank to all the people involved and to all the ones who supported us from the beginning till the end.

Click on the image below to visit the microsite with all the films and bonus bits.

KNCKT - The story begins…

Early in 2011 we were presented with a challenge of creating a short film about boxing. We approached the story through the eyes of a boxer, training and mentally preparing himself for his next match. But we didn’t want to leave it just at that. That’s why we also prepared a dedicated website showcasing everything form the full movie, behind the scenes, background story and some more surprises.
Click on the photo below to enjoy the site and watch the trailer for a start. Full movie and behind the scenes to follow soon.

KNCKT it has to be 100% or 0%

Me&My Doll

Pimp My Banana

The Funnyfarm Media Blog

Funnyfarm Media Blog

Introducing the Funnyfarm Media blog.

We'll be showcasing some of the work we have done, either  web, photography or film, as well as offering exclusive behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress peeks into things that are just taking shape, as well as giving out hat-tips to people and projects we come across that really deserve it, along with the occasional curiosity.

Stay tuned!

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