A responsive website for London's flatsharers

Funnyfarm Media has been involved in putting a responsive website together to help new arrivals to London to make sense of the sometimes wonderful and sometimes hairraising flatsharing culture.

The website features several sections, set within a fully fluid, responsive layout with hand-picked webfonts and a friendly design scheme.

Spinning models

As part of a larger project for a white goods manufacturer, FFM was also asked to prepare an interactive view of models of several household appliances for a website. We rose to the occasion, of course, providing state-of-the-art CGIs (3D computer renderings) of the appliances, and setting up a framework to easily implement into the actual website.

The resulting reels show a freely spinning model of the various appliances. At some point it was decided to limit the view to the fronts of the appliances, as the backs were deemed to be too boring. But who looks at the backs of dishwashers anyway..

Two of the spinners:

See all of them over at Gorenje One.

A responsive website for town planning office

FFM has created this responsive website for NT&A, a town planning office in the Southwark borough of London. The website features an adaptive core, which ensures the same website is displayed perfectly, regardless of device and screen size.

The content is a compact mix of essential elements and an extended portfolio to showcase the office's past work. 

NT&A responsive website by Funnyfarm Media

Alternative banking Facebook page

The FFM team was involved with the development of this Facebook page for an alternative banking service, which is geared towards people instead of banks. They make transferring money across Europe easier (and considerably less expensive) than through more conventional channel.

In additional to a warm welcome, the page contains a live calculator, which uses current exchange rates to display actual transfer costs and potential savings, all in real time.

The page comes as part of a broader campaign and FFM was involved in a consulting role from the strategic planning stage and oversaw the project through to final implementation and subsequent performance monitoring and review. Check out the page itself

Microsite for a radio web app

FFM was asked to produce a sleek microsite for a breakthrough web app, which would showcase it's unique features in a concise and effective way, while keeping the existing feel through the use of dedicated colours and choice of typography.

The resulting microsite and related Facebook welcome page distilled the brand identity into a few key components, which were carefully arranged into an effective and compact design, which shows the key features, with the option to expand on certain topics, if required.


Current status: awaiting implementation

A photographer's Facebook page

A Facebook welcome page was put together by FFM for photographer Matjaz Tancic. Since a groundbraking project has been underway for some time now (it will change the world, at the very least), a simple & lightweight welcome page was required until then:

a photographer's facebook product page

The page takes its visual language from the photographer's main website, while introducing a ribbony arrow element to subtly suggest becoming a devotee. Once the page has been liked, a few elements on it become active, such as more photos in a groovy lightbox (including one of the Summertime cinemagraphs), current bits from the blog, etc.
And a slick new address -

Go on, go take a peek.

Slovenie Verte - the details

A website for a makeup artist

Funnyfarm has produced this website for Barbara Mensah, a Makeup artist from London. The website features a short intro video, references and collaborations from the past , but most importantly, several galleries of her work. These span editorial, fashion as well as beauty photography and there is a whole category devoted to various video she has been involved with.

The initial design was set up by Kenny Osinnowo, and then taken further by FFM.

Double lives of HTML email

As I was just finishing up some HTML email invitations for a client, it made me think about the double lives that these creatures live. A HTML email being essentially a microsite, containing its own HTML code, declarations, styling, and then imagery - being embedded, hosted remotely, or otherwise. Quite a world away from the plain-text regular emails that get sent around daily.


NULA custom Facebook welcome page

Radio NULA logo

We've done this cute little custom Facebook welcome page for Radio NULA.

In addition to the (almost) subtle Like us button that only appears those that aren't fans yet, what really sets it apart from the rest is the embedded radio player that starts streaming their great tunes at the click of a button. Right there in Facebook. Pretty nifty, eh?

And a little peek into what a difference a tweak like this can do to a Facebook page's usage: 
The red line marks when the tweak was installed, and the others show various usages of the page.

(But be warned, their music is quite addictive.) 


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