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A quick teaser for a series of upcoming cinemagraphs from China and more cinemagraphs from China:

Peekaboo from District 798 in Beijing, China

Murmors from Mexico

We received this photo straight from our latest editorial set. Here's what we can tell you right now. A creative team in Mexico under direction of our photography maestro is working on a new fashion editorial.

Which magazine is involved will have to stay a mystery for now. Let's just say they were working in hard conditions such as but not excluded to. Extremely sunny weather, company of two beautiful models, talented designer and creative make-up artist. There were some horses and donkeys involved to.

We also heard talk of assistants having to assist under lush green palm trees and serving cold fresh cervesas. To top it all off we also had somebody there to video all that horrifying moments. It all sounds tremendously difficult and painstaking to endure. But our team is not to be scared off easily.

We do however have an unexplainable puzzle. Nobody seems to know why the photographer Andraz Blaznik insisted on wearing bunny ears through out the shoot. We just assumed he lost a bet of some sorts and left it at that. Nonetheless we are happy to report the results look amazing. Stay tuned for more.

Jungle Queen

Once in a blue moon we allow (as if) our photographers to go out on their own and have some fun. No business,  no deadlines, no art directors and most importantly no restrictions. And we are always amazed at what they bring back to show us. This time our photographer Andraz Blaznik surprised us with a bit of warmth and freshness from under the Caribbean sun. Deep in the jungle there is still some beauty to be found. Have a little taste and if you like it we will ask him to show us some more.

Behind the digital curtain

Half of the fun of creating the works we do here is behind the scenes - either meeting some incredible people, chatting with models, or pushing pixels around.. Especially wIth the latter, a lot of work is put into making it look like not a lot of work was put into it. And the mundanest of things take some special acrobatics to put together, and all the excitement is washed away once it's printed or sent off..

Which is why the next snapshots are all the more precious:

curtain - dolly

curtain - stairs

curtain - gig

curtains - swooshies

At the end of the day it's all just pixels...

Windows within windows...

... within a Mac.

Anybody else getting an Inception feeling about this? But in any case, the first Funnyfarm Media iPad app is well and truly under way!

Hit by a ball

A bit of backstage shenenigans:

A bit of movie magic at work while trying to get the settings just right (and unwanted shadows out of the way). The real thing coming soon!


Some pretty spectacular work-in-progress. More layers than even Photoshop can handle.

The Funnyfarm Media Blog

Funnyfarm Media Blog

Introducing the Funnyfarm Media blog.

We'll be showcasing some of the work we have done, either  web, photography or film, as well as offering exclusive behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress peeks into things that are just taking shape, as well as giving out hat-tips to people and projects we come across that really deserve it, along with the occasional curiosity.

Stay tuned!

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